Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The artists

Dumitrita and Andrei, actors,

Dumitrita : I like to feel free, this is why I like large clothes. I like non conformist clothes that make an original style. Everything that's ordinary and regular bores me to death.

Andrei Sochirca is one of most well known actors of Moldova. "About my style, I always like to keep it simple and elegant. My device is the simpler the better."

Rock starzzzz

We met this hot threesome at twilight, downtown Chisinau. From left to right: Diana, Grigorie, Aliona. All of them get inspired by music and modern dancing. Aliona also likes to take a look over the latest fashion trends and news.

Spring is nature's way of saying "Let's party!"

Sweet 16

Tina, 16, sweetgirl

"I buy only casual and comfortable clothes, that make me feel like myself. Now I am more on colorful yet fine accesories, according to the season. I get inspired by music and arts, especially photography."

Can You Dig It?

Mariana, 19, schoolgirl

Mariana is one of the most colorful and happy persons we ever met. She loves to hang around with friends, to have fun and socialize. Mariana is inspired by the hippie movement, ethnic styles, music, literature and nature... yesss, she loves nature, as we can guess from her lively outfit.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Vintage Lovers

Margo, 18 and Max, 21

Meet Margo and Max! Both of them are in love with vintage stuff and indie music.

Nature's keeper

We ran and ran to get a picture of this girl. As she wanted to stay secret and anonymous, we could catch only a glimpse of the lower part ).

Too cool for school

Stanislav, 21

Stanislav works as an administrator in a seeeerious company, though his look doesn't show it.
He dresses just like he likes, without following the latest fashion trends ...and we like that ;)

Let's call them "pilot photos"

Lia, 18 seen on St. cel Mare boulevard

Lia is a Moldovan girl making her studies in UK. She is fond of modern and contemporary art and gets inspired by music. She loves wearing pleated shirts and various accessories.