Saturday, October 30, 2010

Flower power

 Veronica, 20 - studying journalism

Veronica loves to dress up nicely for special occasions and as you can see she's a fan of accessories - which OFCOURSE are some of the most important features of a nice look. As today is almost Halloween she's made this cute braid  and thinks it would go perfectly with the outfit she's going to wear tonight. She said she has mastered the making of flowers just like the one she has in her scarf - how cool is that? Her style is inspired mostly from Hollywood and it was actually the first person that told that to us.

Happy Halloween everybody!! Eat, drink and be scary!:>

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dress to impress

You don't really see bright colors in Chisinau, in fact you don't see them ever! Anyway this guy definitely impressed us with his fuchsia pants and bleached hair walking downtown Chisinau. 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Remember The Time

Alina, 18
"Do you remember the time you wore these clothes, mom?"
Lately fashion is very influenced by the retro style and it amazes youngsters more and more. Chisinau youth is always searching for fashion inspirations outside and this is why lots of people choose to play with retro. However, people here do not use the same old grandma's accessories, skirts and blouses as westerners would do. Because of a different historical background, a retro outfit here (composed of authentic old clothes) would look pretty different than the same kind of outfit in Paris, Barcelona or Berlin.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall as Hell

Virginia, 19

It always amazes me, to see how outfit colours radically change in fall. If summer has been about pink, orange, white or whatever, fall it's gonna about  kinda the same colors but darker. and graver.
I guess this is just how we convince ourselves that winter is coming and it is serious, seriously.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Adrian, 20

I like men who look manly. It is very reassuring to see guys into fashion wearing clothes that only define masculinity. I find very sexy and smart. Like the guy right here.
His outfit is really pretty basic,very simple but so pleasant for the eyes. And omg, if I only could, I'd buy every guy I know a good quality leather bag just like his.

How would you like the perfect guy to be dressed?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Flower Blower

All I can remember since I took the girl's picture is that the top and the ring were made by her.
Totally loved the boots.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Oh, I finally get to write about the Malldova Fashion Show. Not so much writing though, I'd better let you see some pictures.

The evening was presented and guided by Nata Albot, a local journalist, who appeared in a fabulous Ted Lapidus blue dress.

When the show began, I had to remind myself it was just a show organized by a shopping center, whose purpose was to showcase own collections of their own brand shops, in order to attract more clients. Nothing more.
Still, I found some great combinations I'd like to share. There we go, the highlights:

Nata Albot interviewing Rodica Ciorănică ( director of a local fashion and society magazine).
See faces, see shoes.

Shoes I liked the most.

And the dresses that made the evening.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Outside Malldova Fashion Show

Da, am fost şi eu la MallDova Fashion Show. Puţin încurcată de atmosfera exagerat de beaumond-istă, puţin obosită de stat în picioare (aşa-i când eşti numai tu, camera foto, podiumul în faţă şi tocurile sub tine), puţin dezgustată de provincialismul persistent, puţin dezamăgită de început şi sfârşit.
"Apoi na, per general, o fo' ok", asta am spus-o tuturor.

Mai târziu bag poze din inside. Hai să ne încălzim, până ce, cu ceva Outside Fashion Show (nu-i aşa că sună aşa de tare a Milan sau Paris.."Outside X Fashion Show".... huh)

Mariana, 23, journalist
Şi voi o recunoaşteţi? Însă nu, eu nu am fotografiat-o pentru că ar fi recognoscibilă, ci pentru că pe ea am pus ochii din start, de îndată ce am intrat la show. Avea o ţinută simplă însă prezentă. Şi mi s-a părut şi o ţinută foarte nimerită pentru eveniment. Şi m-am îndrăgostit şi de atitudinea pe care o expune când merge, când vorbeşte, când pozează. Are şarm.