Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You Got Me Dancin'

Some might say Chişinău is a boring city. Well, let me prove you wrong.
I saw such events taking place a long time ago (about 3 years ago, for sure), where les vieillards would have the chance to dance a waltz and remember old and sunny days of their youth. We used to mock it, saying "huh, the disco of the old men" or "look at them, how they barely move". And then, for a long time, there was no disco. At least, not one I would hear of.
This Sunday, though, I found myself in the central park hearing the orchestra and I just couldn't stand it. Called the photographer and begged him to take some shots.

I really found those people a source of inspiration. There were all kinds of oldsters- shy ones, some with aristocratic attitude, dancing slow and prudently, others with joy in their eyes, spinning around like whirligigs. I also couldn't help but notice the way the ladies were dressed, some perfectly cleaned and elegant, some extravagantly like party-queens. Enough talking, check it out for yourselves ;)

The ones waiting for an invitation to dance.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ice, Ice Baby.

Fall hit us totally unexpected and Chisinau is freezing like hell these weeks. The people, I mean (buildings and streets can't really freeze like hell).
So, they say fall is a great season for defining and re-defining your style because its weather offers a good deal of options regarding colors, shapes, shoes, even clothes (you're not gonna wear the trench coat in summer, nor in winter). BUT, apparently Chisinau inhabitants aren't really inspired by fall and its rainy-cloudy-depressing weather (ehm, maybe it's just me?). No, can't be just me, 'cause when i took my photographer to a walk to spot stylish and inspirational people, all I could see were just hurried and sleepy faces, dark and morbid outfits, like the ones you have when you are really don't care where you're going.
This is why our faces suddenly lit up when we saw Adriana.

Adriana, 17
She is doing painting classes and would like to major in fashion design. Most of her clothes- weird findings in her/her moms wardrobe and second hand stuff.

Friday, September 17, 2010

I Do It My Own Way

Daria, 21

I tried my best to get anything out her considering inspirations in clothing and expressing through style, but she could only tell me that she had cake for breakfast and that the last book she read was "Hocus Pocus" by Kurt Vonnegut.
The dreads have nothing in common with a culture, music trend whatsoever, it is just a childhood dream of hers. I personally loved the worn out jeans and shoes, the airy shirt, the original accesories and the joyous, youthful attitude.

Monday, September 13, 2010


Xenia, 16

Xenia told us she is now in the "vintage mood". "I can change my style easily, it all depends on the mood. I like to wear things that have a history behind, for example, my shoes (in the pictures above) are my mom's and she's had them since she was my age. So, I love mixing old (history-behind) stuff with new clothes and create a harmonious outfit with a twist. Also, I always personalize my outfit with pieces of my own handmade collections of accessories. Its very nice to wear things that you created on your own, that you put heart and soul in."

Xenia's blog showcasing her handmade accessories.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Katya, 23
"I mostly wear down-to-earth colours and dark tones. My first rule when choosing clothes- everything must be comfy."

Monday, September 6, 2010



We caught Sasha on her way to take some photos from printing. I was amazed by her deliberate and effortless way of walking, just like that, in a boyish T shirt downtown, where youth usually looks edgy and fashionable. She told us she just got off the bed and had no certain idea of what clothes she should take for a two blocks walk. Reminded me of simple and pretty scandinavian touches.

Saşa mergea pe strada Puşchin înspre Casa Presei, ca să-şi ia nişte fotografii de la imprimare. Mi s-a părut adorabilă intenţia ei neintenţionată de a se îmbrăca atât de simplu şi drăguţ pentru o plimbare de două cartiere. A rămas uimită când am oprit-o pentru a-i lua o poză, zicând că a îmbrăcat primele lucruri pe care le găsise prin garderobă, fiind zăpăcită după un somn lung, diurn.
Mi-a amintit de stiluri nordice, minimalismul, simpleţea şi fineţea cărora sunt mai rar văzute pe străzile Chişinăului.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Natasa, 16
Natasa was taking a stroll with her buddies in one of Chisinau's central parks.
"I was very influenced by the emo culture at a certain moment, now I'm more into trash. So the clothes and all my appearance still have reminiscences of my emo period."