Friday, July 9, 2010

Crazy Mosquitos!


Mosquito, 18

Her name is Maria-Paula and she has been always a cute fashion icon of Chişinău. Now she's studying outside the country but she always comes back full of energy and smiles ready to share with the people around her. Enfin, we saw her around at the Yardsale and took the chance to take a photo of her, even if she wasn't really willing to (see the shy face, aw so cute)
She reminded us of something so refined and elegant and french :) but no, she didn't tell us anything about frenchy inspirations. She told us she had this dress for a couple of years and never wore it, so (you know that situation when all your favourite or casual or all-days clothes are in the laundry, and you HAVE to get SOMETHING from your wardrobe) she got it (finally) out on a beautiful and sunny day!
Very nice, we say, very nice.


O cheamă Maria-Paula şi se îmbracă fain de când o ţinem minte. Ş-o afundat bine pălăria pe cap şi o refuzat sus-şi-tare să arate faţa. O zis eu îs Vi Ai Pi şi nu pot să arat faţa oricui :p.
Nu, n-o fost aşa. Maria-Paula e foarte drăguţă şi dulce. Ea ne-o amintit de inspiraţii finuţe şi franţuzeşti. Foarte văratic şi romantic şi vanillos.

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