Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Witch

Laura, 19

It is a pleasure to have Laura around. She'll always make you smile, laugh or fight, as everything about her is lively and dynamic and crazy. Apparently, she bought this dress for her prom, but then found another better, so she's using this one for filling the streets of Chisinau with colour and joy. Laura told us that when she goes shopping colors are all that matter. She's choosing clothes and accesories mainly by colors and their meaning.

O stiţ pe Laura, nu? N-o ştiţi pe Laura???
Apu iaca, deja o ştiţi. O ieşit ea cam bosumflată, dar în mod normal şi obişnuit Laura râde mereu, şi încă tare rjacina.


  1. oooooh, am reusit s-o cunosc pe laura la yardsale
    tare energica fata asta )

  2. nice garderoba,dar as face delete la strampi :)))