Monday, September 13, 2010


Xenia, 16

Xenia told us she is now in the "vintage mood". "I can change my style easily, it all depends on the mood. I like to wear things that have a history behind, for example, my shoes (in the pictures above) are my mom's and she's had them since she was my age. So, I love mixing old (history-behind) stuff with new clothes and create a harmonious outfit with a twist. Also, I always personalize my outfit with pieces of my own handmade collections of accessories. Its very nice to wear things that you created on your own, that you put heart and soul in."

Xenia's blog showcasing her handmade accessories.


  1. asa de tare imi place de fata asta..:*:*

  2. face nişte cerceluşi de mori după ei.
    aşa'i de sweet ^_^

  3. this is so lovely! mansetele blazerului si fusta sunt un deliciu, mai ales in combinatie cu mocasinii cuminti <3