Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ice, Ice Baby.

Fall hit us totally unexpected and Chisinau is freezing like hell these weeks. The people, I mean (buildings and streets can't really freeze like hell).
So, they say fall is a great season for defining and re-defining your style because its weather offers a good deal of options regarding colors, shapes, shoes, even clothes (you're not gonna wear the trench coat in summer, nor in winter). BUT, apparently Chisinau inhabitants aren't really inspired by fall and its rainy-cloudy-depressing weather (ehm, maybe it's just me?). No, can't be just me, 'cause when i took my photographer to a walk to spot stylish and inspirational people, all I could see were just hurried and sleepy faces, dark and morbid outfits, like the ones you have when you are really don't care where you're going.
This is why our faces suddenly lit up when we saw Adriana.

Adriana, 17
She is doing painting classes and would like to major in fashion design. Most of her clothes- weird findings in her/her moms wardrobe and second hand stuff.


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