Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring, Flowers and Birthdays

Happy Spring dear readers!

We are back and we are ready to keep it up with the blog. These photos were taken on a sunny, beautiful day and we have decided to include the flowers in all of them just to emphasize the beauty of spring and style of course.

Elena, 24

Elena has a great taste in mixing colors, textures and shapes. Having traveled to Africa and Middle East- she can impress with her effortless ability in choosing accessories that remind me somehow of the countries she has traveled to.


  1. Recent am aflat de terariu. Nu stii unde pot gasi unul? Florile nicodata nu mi-au palcut insa terariul arata destul de ok. Mai ales ca vine primavara. Ar trebui sa las putin pariurile sportive live la o parte si sa folosesc banii castigati cu cap. Daca stii te rog raspunde.

  2. Welcome back and looking forward to more posts! Elena's beautiful and the spring flowers look great on her :)

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  4. nice blog,i like it.
    Regards Anke

  5. This is one reason why I like to travel in different countries. Fashion worldwide is very interesting, and one will really understand it deeper if she was able to see it right in front of her.
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  6. Very nice flowers. thank you for sharing this post.

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    1. I am glad to know that such blogs finally appeared in Moldova as well.
      Wishing you great succes!!!

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