Thursday, May 27, 2010

Toutes Ces Couleurs au Printemps!

Yardsale offerings :)

Anna & Nadia, sisters

Nadia, 29
Inspired by people around and fashion.

Anna, 31
Anna is a fashion designer, she gets inspired by music and the people around her.

Victoria, 33 (known as the Queen) and Maria, 31

Victoria likes to wear comfy and good quality clothes. "I don't believe anymore in that boutique-chic quality. I've worked with it, I got enough of fake brands and high prices. Now I only buy pretty, cheap (usually second hand) and of good quality clothes."
Maria likes to alter music, arts and personal obsessions with her appearance. Her latest obsession is Japanese culture and spirituality.

Alexei, 26 and Xiusha, 29

"You see, it all depends on the mood. However, we always try to express our individuality, our way of being different form others."

Serafima, 20

"I find myself a person of artistic nature and this comes from my family. My mom always designed and made clothes for me and I was always encouraged to develop my creativity and express myself in artistic ways. I guess I'm inspired by music, I play the violin. Em, actually, this dress on me is designed by me and made with my mother's help, very proud of it!"


  1. Ultima domniță încîntătoare,și mai rar așa nume.Vaporos, chic.

  2. pagina asta tre de sters

  3. спасибо, приятно)
    остальные тоже очень интересные персонажи!)

  4. Anonymous 2
    a vy kto? :) shob mi znali komu spasibo skazati

    Anonymous 1
    why is that?

  5. Серафима))))