Friday, June 18, 2010

BFF or why World Cup doesn't really matter

Cristina, 22 & Valentin, 21

We met these two fellas while enjoying a beer on the first day of World Cup championship(anyway, they were too far away from the big screen to see anything or the football match didn't matter at all to them, it was all about having a reason to beer (beer like a verb, like to beer, like to drink beer you know)) )))
Anyway, they found us far more interesting when we begged them for a photo. They're Cristina and Valentin and they are roomies and best friends for ever.
Anyway. Cristina told us.. better let her talk "I mix everything I have in my wardrobe. I mostly buy clothes from second-hand. I somehow managed to be surrounded only by people with good taste and I feel so good among them when dressing the way I do. But I am still, mainly, inspired by musicians like John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Bob Dylan, NOT Lady Gaga)))). Besides, I am a hip-hop coach, as dance has been one of my interests for years and yep, guess my general style is inspired by dancing as well, I mean by the freedom of movement, freedom of expression."
Valentin "I am a coach of break dance. I also like, just as Cristina, combining all clothes I've got, sometimes I mess it up but sometimes it turns out to be just fine. It's just a matter of luck and the morning mood. Nevertheless, I like being different from others around. Maybe because I live in Chisinau and here dressing like this is different. Maybe if I lived somewhere else "different" would be different from here. Nevermind. Yes, I am mainly influenced by Cristina, by myself, by dancing, by music and all that stuff all people get inspired by".
So we think that was a good pick in the end! Better luck with taking "photos after a beer" next time :>


  1. Love her John Lennon glasses
    ...and the way he's posing, the fact that he's not looking into the lens.
    good job ;)

  2. awww...he's so cute))..:*