Friday, July 2, 2010

The Sweethearts

Dina, 15 & Alina, 16

Dina & Alina were spotted (by us, of course) outside Mc'Donalds in downtown Chisinau (weirdly, Mc'Donalds is THE spot of meeting for youngsters in Chisinau, not healthy at all but oh well) and they were with a lot of friends, all noisy and happy.
Anyway, as we expected, the girls said they are inspired by their best friends and that they usually go shopping in Bucharest, at Baneasa Mall (lately a lot of people from Moldova get Romanian citizenship and it apparently works as hell for fashion lovers).
"Our favourite brands are the ones that offer nice and cheap clothes for youngsters, like Zara, H&M, Forever 18 etc."


  1. i don't think these girls like cheap clothes.they look expensive for teenagers.;)

  2. Anonymous, you know clothes out there in EU countries can be pretty cheaper than here ;)

  3. oleaca fetitele parca is infoiete.... si pe urma intepate, si pe urma iar infoiete ;) da asha is dragute... hainutele :D


  4. fustitsa rosie .....yeah