Thursday, July 1, 2010

Casual Chic


Marcela, 23 and Irina, 24
"We are like best friends forever, we met in the first grade and studied at the same high school and the same university!"
Marcela, the girl in purple :" I like feeling comfortable no matter what I wear. For example, this top on me is actually a skirt, but I like it better like this. I never want to look too simple, nor excessively dramatic, but somewhere in between. Also, when picking clothes and accessories I always do it according to my height, cause I know I can look pretty even if small ;)"
Irina " The way I'm dressed today- I call it Sex And The City Casual. Well, I changed my style radically after I lived in Rome for a period of time. If before I used to wear only high-heels and glamourous stuff, now I like dressing more casual. I like to play with accessories and colors."


  1. i like these lolcats ;) :D

  2. :) интересно девушки вместе смотрятся:)