Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Crazy Little Thing Called L.O.V.E

Iana, 22
We met Iana while she was taking a walk on Stefan cel Mare Boulevard, holding hands with her boyfriend and she totally struck us down by saying shortly, "I'm inspired by loooove".
Aw, how cute.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Da da da ritmuri de ska!

Anatol, 22
"I buy most of my clothes from second hand. I'm inspired by nature"
Anatol's blog.

Pe Anatol l-am găsit in parc şi ne-au plăcut foarte mult pantalonii săi. Ne-a spus ca îşi cumpără toate hainele de la second-hand, pentru că sunt mai ieftine şi oferă o posibilitate mai mare de evidenţiere a stilului individual. Anatol este un susţinător avid al legalizării cânepei în Moldova. Blogul său (mai sus) oferă o multidudine de informaţii legate de acest subiect.

Monday, June 28, 2010


Natasha, 26, theatre actress
What are you inspired by?
"I am a theatre actress, I think that speaks for itself ). I am working at Cтудия Театральной Импровизации (Studio of Theatre Improvisation). I studied journalism at university but soon after that I realized my interests are totally in arts, especially performance arts. I also like taking photos (love the artistic photography) and I write poetry. Oriental cultures amaze me."

Check out their blog for news and information.(only Russian version)

Nu am putut să ne luăm ochii de la așa frumusețe de fată, așa că am rugat-o să pozeze pentru noi. Natașa joaca teatru in cadrul Studioului de Teatru Improvizat (abia am aflat și noi despre această organizație, tre să-i urmărim mai îndeaproape). Pe lângă teatru, fata se ocupă și cu fotografia artistică, scrie versuri și se interesează de culturile orientale.
Trandafirul de mătase din coafiura fetei este adorabil, precum și machiajul, nu-i așa?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

You Rock My World

Corina, music manager

Corina is a music manager for at least 10 years in Moldova and works mainly with local artists. She told us this look of hers totally represents her managerial, tough features.. "But also, it almost totally represents me. I love down-to-earth colors and the geometric twists, the minimalist aspect of this look, it all depicts me"
I'm also very interested in arts, especially photography, all kinds of photography, from social/journalistic to concept photography. Always been inspired by fashion but, most of all, by fashion aesthetics.. my grandmother was a designer and she always taught me that you have to look good, harmonious and beautiful no matter what you put on, you have to feel the connection between clothes and feelings, clothes and beauty.
I've recently visited Oslo and most of the things on me I bought from there. It was a great shopping opportunity (besides that music contest, you know), as Chisinau's shopping places and the prices don't offer much."

Friday, June 18, 2010

BFF or why World Cup doesn't really matter

Cristina, 22 & Valentin, 21

We met these two fellas while enjoying a beer on the first day of World Cup championship(anyway, they were too far away from the big screen to see anything or the football match didn't matter at all to them, it was all about having a reason to beer (beer like a verb, like to beer, like to drink beer you know)) )))
Anyway, they found us far more interesting when we begged them for a photo. They're Cristina and Valentin and they are roomies and best friends for ever.
Anyway. Cristina told us.. better let her talk "I mix everything I have in my wardrobe. I mostly buy clothes from second-hand. I somehow managed to be surrounded only by people with good taste and I feel so good among them when dressing the way I do. But I am still, mainly, inspired by musicians like John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Bob Dylan, NOT Lady Gaga)))). Besides, I am a hip-hop coach, as dance has been one of my interests for years and yep, guess my general style is inspired by dancing as well, I mean by the freedom of movement, freedom of expression."
Valentin "I am a coach of break dance. I also like, just as Cristina, combining all clothes I've got, sometimes I mess it up but sometimes it turns out to be just fine. It's just a matter of luck and the morning mood. Nevertheless, I like being different from others around. Maybe because I live in Chisinau and here dressing like this is different. Maybe if I lived somewhere else "different" would be different from here. Nevermind. Yes, I am mainly influenced by Cristina, by myself, by dancing, by music and all that stuff all people get inspired by".
So we think that was a good pick in the end! Better luck with taking "photos after a beer" next time :>

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Young Chisinau

Marina, Madalina, Elena, Xenia

These four little girls were taking a walk along Stefan cel Mare street in Chisinau. We were quite surprised to see them so small and tiny and little wandering around alone, without parents or older brothers. However, we thought the tallest of them was some kind of elder sister, because she was the only talking on the phone and all the other girls were following her, in a very funny way. I mean, they were so seriously following their "older boss", with such alert faces...
We took a picture of them,as they were all wearing these cute little outfits according to their ages and the joy of summer holidays.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Girls Of Summer

Photo credit to: Cristian Capatina 

Corina, 21, student

Downtown Chisinau we have this cute tiny square in front of a local high-school, where local youth gathers daily to socialize, enjoy a drink and meet with friends. This is where we found this lovely young lady named Corina. She was hanging around with an old photo-camera because, as she said, she loves classics- classic cameras, classic retro style, classic books and so on. However she is a fan of a more modern music genre- trip hop (guess it gives her wiiings for tripping, who needs red bull anyway)

Apu iaca dragi vizitatori, noi pe fata asta am găsit-o în scuarul de la Asachi, liceul cela local despre care vorbeam mai sus. Fata se jiuca cu o camera cu peliculă şi ne-a spus că îi place classica şi că vapşe în ultimul timp scotoceşte prin dulap haine vechi şi le redescoperă. Fain aşa, când ai ce găsi prin dulapuri depozitate cu 5 ani în urmă. Nouă ni s-o părut că i se primeşte bine. Să vă întreb şi pe voi?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Leopard Print

"I am inspired by Lisa Mitchell. I also love Ray Bradbury's books and arts, especially photography."

Dragi vizitatori, fetița asta adorabilă pe care o cheamă Arina ne-o luminat calea în săptamânala noastră plimbare de paseală a trecătorilor. Fetița are curea faină, așă-i?
Apu iaca, ea o fost primu om să ne spună ca e inspirată de un om. Toți până acuma ziceau ba artă, ba sezon, ba cărți, ba muzică și hop Arina ne dă jios cu Lisa Mitchell.
Akazâvaetsa, Lisa Mitchell e o cântăreață frumoasă, abia am aflat și noi. Dacă nici voi n-o știți ap este așa o fișcă, google se numește ;)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Bamboleo, Bamboleya

Iulia, 23
We found Iulia in one of the central parks of Chisinau. She reminded us of seaside, hot beaches and tropical islands. Iulia told us that she used to wear more sporty clothes, as she's a basketball player, but now she is in that phase of transcending to a more feminine and sophisticated look. Well, we think she's succeeding! Don't you?

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Cat in the Hat

Summer has come and God, Chisinau sweats at every new ray of killing sun. No, no, it's not about the great climatic change or global warming, Chisinau is like this every summer. And I personally have no idea how people fight it.
Well this woman here's got her trick- the big blue hat. If you ever been to Chisinau you should know people here don't always have the gut to wear something this big on their heads. Usually locals like simplicity and those tiny things that they can fit with in small buses or tiny doors.
Her name is Ala and she loves to wear what makes her herself. "I bought this hat especially for wearing it with casual clothes, cause I thought wearing it with a summer dress I'd be too fitted and elegant and all that. Mixing it with jeans works totally fine for me."

Ala are 28 de ani şi o făcut o privire ciudată când ne-am apropiat de ea (reacţia pe care o au majoritatea- sau spun deodată nu, fără să asculte ce vrem de la ei, sau se sperie))
Şi-a cumpărat pălăria asta mare bleu de la "Gemenii", aşa că dacă vă place, run for it cât încă nu s-au vândut ultimele modele!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Pretty Bird

Irina, 34
After "your computer has been updated" message on my screen, how about my PC gives me the opportunity to talk about this pretty bird
(inspired from or "Humans express their personalities through fashion. There are those who go along with the grain and those whose roots grow outside the field. Wherever we fall on the fashion spectrum, we are all beautiful creatures. We are all pretty birds. (c) T.M.P")
This pretty bird lightened our way back home, you know, when we were tired after a summer day full of work. Her name is Irina and she confessed proudly her great fondness for fashion. "Since I was a teenager I always bought fashion magazines from my last pocket money, I wanted to be prepared right for that moment, you know, when you'll get the money and the time to buy yourself everything you want. I think I already got there and I'm, uhm, pretty happy now"

Acuma că am terminat descrierea pentru inostranishi (că pohodu avem vizitatori de piste tăt, chiar şi maylaysia, şi brazilia, probabil că's tot moldoveni) daţ să vă spun şi-i cu fata asta frumoasă. Irina e pasionată de modă, încă de pe băncile universităţii îşi cheltuia ultimii bani ca să cumpere reviste de modă. Eu cred că asta-i absolut admirabil. Adică e frumos când dai ultimii bani pe pasiunea aia mare pe care o ţii în suflet şi în visuri, fără ca să-i mănânci la Gâlbenuş, ori să-i dai pe ceaiuri la Asachi şi ţigări (aşa cum, eventual, facem noi) (sorry, unii din noi).

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Lia, 19
So there we were, waiting in front of some big shopping center., hoping to catch some stylish ladies or hot guys when, oh my god, all the colors on the planet run in front of our eyes. Her name is Lia, she was so much smiling when telling us about herself, about how much she likes creating her own individual style by mixing colorful and bright clothes and easy as springtime.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

To be or not to be N.E.R.D

Andrei, 19
"If there's no music, there's no life. I can say my lifestyle is generally inspired by friends and music, especially genres as Hip-Hop, RnB"

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summertime, And the livin' is easy...


Ana, 14
We met Anna outside Malldova. She is studying at an arts specialized lyceum, graduating in music and fine arts this year.
"I am inspired usually by rock music, but today I let my mom pick my outfit. I think it looks really nice and summerlike."

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Script Writer

Silviu, 56
Silviu Fusu is a scenographer, painter and one of the best known stage directors in Moldova. Silviu is inspired by theatre, poetry, fine arts and all romantic expression of the human being. Also, he coordinates the annual International Fine Arts Camp at Parcova, Moldova.